MBSportsWeb Fair & Flexible Pricing

The price for a website powered by MBSportsWeb with the standard features varies depending on the size of your association, and is measured by the number of teams that you will have in an average season. Our main add-on modules (Tournament Hosting, Game Officials, and Online Store) are also priced according to the size of your association.  Regardless of the size of your association, we do not charge any fees for the standard setup, and do not put advertising of any kind on your website.

Annual Fee Calulator
How many teams do you have?
Base Site Fee $450 Inc. 5 Teams What's Included?
  • Custom Domain Name1
  • Hosting (Website, Database)2
  • Email & Webmail3
  • Updates, Bug Fixes4
  • Training & Support5
Next 10 Teams (6-15) $35 /team Sold individually
Additional Teams (31+) $150 /block Sold in blocks of 20 teams
Add-On: Hosted Tournaments Add 30% to the subtotal
Add-On: Game Officials Add 20% to the subtotal
Add-On: Player Evaluations Add 30% to the subtotal
Add-On: Online Drafting Add 30% to the subtotal
Add-On: Online Store Add 30% to the subtotal
Add-On: Secure Portals Add 15% per portal
Total Estimated Annual Fee
  • Each website also includes a very generous amount of annual visitors. For websites with extreme traffic, however, there may be additional high-traffic surcharges applied. Complete the fee calculator above to see how much traffic is included. 6
  • The Game Officials module includes one secure portal site for your officials.
  • Custom setup, development, or reports are also available and will be quoted upon request.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest value of any sports website available, and want to be as open and up-front about what our fees will be. By only paying for what you use, we think that our pricing model is the fairest and most flexible out there, and provides associations of any size with the highest possible value.

So what's next? We'd suggest that you attend a general information Webinar, request a custom Demo for your association, or even better, Contact Us to sign up today!

  • 1We will cover the cost for your domain name registration / renewal when registered at, or transferred to, our registrar. Additional domain names are $50 per year extra. A Secure Certificate (SSL) can also be added to your website for $100 / year. This allows for all forms and administrative areas of the site to have an extra layer of security, but is not usually needed.
  • 2Our servers are hosted in our Goderich datacenter where we perform hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backups. We have a natural gas generator for power failures and additional redundancy built into our infrastructure. Our server maintenance window is from 2am to 5am EST daily, and our uptime outside of the maintenance window is in excess of 99%.
  • 3The email package includes 5 users (full email accounts) and 5 aliases (forwarding addresses), plus one alias per licensed team. Additional blocks of 5 users are $50 per year extra. Additional blocks of 50 aliases are $50 per year extra.
  • 4As the MBSportsWeb community continues to grow, we are constantly responding to feedback on things that would make the existing features work better, as well as adding new features. Any update which benefits the entire community is automatically added to your site free of charge.
  • 5We are constantly improving our online help resources (documentation, videos) so that there is as much free, on-demand support as possible. On top of this, we also provide support in three categories: Dedicated, Shared, and Community. Dedicated support includes online meetings, phone calls, and support tickets where there is direct communication between our support department and your association; additional hours are billed at $100 / hour. Shared support includes online meetings or conference calls where there are 2-5 associations involved; additional hours are billed at $50 / hour for each association involved. Community support is unlimited and includes online webinars (more than 5 associations involved or invited) and community-based online support. The amount of training and support included with the site is based on the number of teams in your association, according to the following schedule:
    # of Teams First Year Only Additional Years
    Dedicated Shared Community Dedicated Shared Community
    1-10 0 hours 2 hours unlimited 0 hours 1 hours unlimited
    11-40 2 hours 4 hours unlimited 1 hours 2 hours unlimited
    41-100 6 hours 10 hours unlimited 4 hours 8 hours unlimited
    101+ 12 hours 20 hours unlimited 8 hours 16 hours unlimited
    Also Available: Professional Website Content Management / Site Migration Services
    $20 / 15 minutes, one hour minimum
    We include more support in the first year to cover the extra time typically needed for extra training, preparation for launch, site migration consultation, etc. The time needed for all the processes required to setup a new site on our end (web server, database, email, etc), creation of a basic skin using your logo, registering or transferring the domain name, setup of traffic analytics, and more, are included with the base fee for the website and do not count towards your included training and support hours.
  • 6We calculate visits by using our server log analyzer software, SmarterStats. We have filtered most search engines and robots out of our logs in an attempt to show, as much as possible, human use of the website. The current annual visitor total for your website is available in the bottom-left of the home page. For "high-traffic" websites which exceed their annual limits, there will be an added $100 for each 200K visitors in excess of the limit. Very few (less than 10%) of our websites incur high-traffic surcharges.

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Pricing Model Transition

This pricing is effective Jan 1, 2016 for all sites launched on or after that date. For sites launched prior to Jan 1, 2016, the pricing on this page will take effect beginning Jan 1, 2017. To view the effective pricing model for sites launched prior to Jan 1, 2016, click here..

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