Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MBSportsWeb for?

MBSportsWeb is designed for parents, players, coaches, schedulers, registrars, and anybody else who is involved in managing a sports association or team. MBSportsWeb is designed to be easy to use and to make scheduling on the web and updating your website quick and easy.

Are there any Setup Fees?

No, we have invested heavily in the process for launching a site and therefore can launch a new site very quickly. Even though there is some effort required on our part to get your new site running, and teach you how to use it, we don't charge a setup fee. This also puts the responsibility on us to ensure you are happy with your site and choose to renew each year.

Does any software need to be installed to run MBSportsWeb?

No, the administrative areas are all completely web-based, and work with all major modern browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Can I try MBSportsWeb before I buy it?

Absolutely, we can set you up with your very own demo site to try out. Just visit our Request Demo page and complete the form.

What features does the website come with?

MBSportsWeb has a long list of standard features that can be viewed by clicking here.

Can I get additional features?

Yes, please view our Add-On Feature page by clicking here. We can also develop custom add-ons to benefit your site.

Are there ads, or ad banners on my website?

No, we are ad-free! We understand the role of local sponsorships and want to help increase their value, not decrease it by putting our name, or other national ads on your site. You can put your own sponsors into the site, linking to their website and adding their logo if desired.

How do I contact support?

We are partners in the success of your website, and want to ensure you're able to use it properly. Support is available on our Support Central site where you can find the knowledge base or submit a support ticket. You can also submit a support ticket from directly within the administrative areas of the site. Power users of the site (admins, schedulers, etc) are also provided with phone numbers to call for support if necessary.

Does MBSportsWeb provide training?

Yes, MBSportsWeb can provide you with training to help get your site set up easily and efficiently. We also will provide you with links to certain knowledge base articles and/or other literature to help get you started.


Still Have A Question?

Feel free to Contact us if you have questions which are not answered here.

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