Add-On Modules

Our standard package includes all the features most organizations need to have from year to year, however we do have more modules for organizations looking for additional features. Available add-on modules include Game Officials/ Referee Scheduling, Online Store Module, Tournament Hosting, Document Security, and Advanced Page Security.

Tournament Hosting Module

Allows for tournaments to be setup similarly to the way that a team is setup, meaning the tournament can have its own set of web pages, articles, sponsors, and events.

Tournaments are set up for a specific season, so they are automatically archived the same way that teams are.

Links are automatically generated on the home page for the organization for each tournament in the upcoming season.

Allows for the tournament structure (divisions), the actual teams, rosters, and the tournament schedule to be entered into this site. This allows for several pages to dynamically generate a schedule, which can be filtered by division, team, or by venue.

Game Officials/ Referee Scheduling

The Game Officials/ Referee Scheduling Module adds the ability for the assignor to manage the list of game officials, storing relevant contact information qualification information for each official.

Fully integrated with the existing schedule, meaning game officials can simply be assigned to the list of games that have already been scheduled. Also integrated with the tournament module so you can assign referees to tournaments you host.

Notification system alerts officials of their assignment with interactive pages allowing them confirm or deny their assignments. The notification system also alerts officials, as well as the assignor, with schedule changes and game cancellations.

Player Evaluations

The Player Evaluations Module allows for the organization (or category / league) to define up to 20 different skills to be measured for each player, with optional weighting applied to each skill. The evaluations are entered by coaches and/or evaluators for players currently rostered (in-season evaluations) and / or players not yet assigned to a team (during tryouts / evaluations).

This data can be used to create average rankings of players which can be used to provide guidance during the selection process. It can also be used to analyze historical trends for player development on the specific skillsb being evaluated, or to track individual player development trends.

When combined with the online drafting tools, this module can help rank players for the purposes of facilitating a draft for a house league program and balancing of teams.

Online Drafting Tools (Planned Fall 2014)

The Online Draft Module will assist house league programs in their live drafting by allowing draftable players to be sorted by ranking, which can then be adjusted by each coach in the draft to suit their own personal preferences.

While the draft is ongoing, each roster will be available for all coaches to view, including the total player ranking for their team as the draft progreses. The draft co-ordinator will also be able to view real-time reports on all rosters as they are being draften to help ensure proper competitive balance.

When combined with the Player Evaluations module, each coach will also be able to view the complete historical player evaluation profile for each player prior to making their selection.

Online Store Module

Allows for one, or several vendors to list their products on the site. They can include pricing and other detailed product information.

The online store does not process payments, however it does allow customers to place an order through the site and notifies the vendor with instructions for processing.

Reports can be generated that show the numbers of orders placed via the website. This can be useful for organizations that have setup to receive a percentage of sales for branded merchandise with a particular vendor.

Online Publications Generation

Allows for PDF documents to be created which can use much of the data already stored within the site, such as an organization or team yearbook.

The documents can be made available online for proofing if needed.

Custom Development Also Available

If your organization has a special need that is not included with our standard features or add-on modules, we can work with you to provide a custom solution for you. We will provide a quote for this work as requested.