Standard Features

As the site has grown over the years, our list of features has also continued to grow. There are similarities to a basic Content Management System (CMS), but an MBSportsWeb website is so much more. The best way to see all the features for yourself is to Request a Demo, but here are a few of the most important features to consider:

  • Fully integrated team websites, and league sites if you operate a house league program.
  • All site maintenance is web-based, done by authorized people in your association.
  • Scheduling is at the core of the site, fully controlled by your scheduler(s) only.
  • Automatic email and/or text message notification with schedule changes, game results, and more.
  • Integrated online forms, with submissions easily exported to Excel™, integrated with PayPal™.
  • Social Network integration such as auto-tweeting news articles to Twitter™.
  • Password-Protection of pages, managed by the team webmasters.
  • No ads! We understand the role of local sponsorships and want to help increase their value, not decrease it by putting our name, or other national ads on your site.
  • Automatic archiving of previous seasons.
  • ... and much, much more!

So Who Benefits?

MBSportsWeb was built by users, for users. This means that everybody in your association will receive some level of benefit by using our product for your website. For example:

The players, parents, and their families...
  • Quick, and easily filtered scheduling information for the entire organization. Games are colour coded for easy viewing.
  • Game results, team record, and automatic detailed statistical analysis of the team’s performance.
  • Stay in the loop with your team, we offer news articles, upcoming events and game recaps for you to follow.
  • Player Rosters, individual player profiles, and player statistics
  • Subscribe to teams you wish to follow and receive e-mail and / or text message updates.
Your Coaches, Managers, & Team Staff...
  • Easily submit game scores to the website, which can then be automatically emailed to a variety of different locations.
  • Ability to submit news articles to the team website, which can be automatically forwarded to the newspaper with your article.
  • Post and maintain player profile information and individual player stats.
  • Create online libraries, polls, and events specific to the team.
  • You choose who you want to advertise as organization sponsors, team sponsors, or individual player sponsors.
Your Scheduler...
  • Maintain the “master schedule” online, and change individual items such as practices or games as necessary.
  • Automatic updates sent out to teams by email when there is a schedule change.
  • Eliminates the communication part of the job, so you can just focus on scheduling.
Your Registrar...
  • Maintain a master player list to quickly and easily assign players to their respective rosters, for the purpose of displaying the website.
  • Manage the list of coaches and assign them to their respective teams each year.
Your Organization/ Webmaster...
  • Create, monitor and submit any content (news articles, events, etc) posted, including site, team, league, or other areas of the site.
  • Create and maintain the web page structure for the main site, and the content on all pages.
  • Integrate with social media, including Facebook™ and Twitter™.
  • Maintain all the sponsors for the organization, and help the teams recognize their sponsors if they have them.