Community Discount Program

Our best "salesmen" are the associations who are already enjoying all the benefits that come with an MBSportsWeb website. The Community Discount Program is available to reward associations for their help in convincing the other sports associations in their community to join the MBSportsWeb community.

If at least 3 associations from the same community are using MBSportsWeb for their website, then all those associations will receive an extra discount as follows:

  • 3 Associations = 15% Discount Each
  • 4 Associations = 20% Discount Each
  • 5 Associations or more = 25% Discount Each
  • Note: The discount is applied to the standard fee. Add-on modules are not discounted.

Other details of this program are as follows:

  • Each association involved in the program must be primarily involved in minor / youth sports. Junior / College / Senior / Professional teams are not eligible.
  • The geographic areas for each association in the same community must be substantially similar. For example, if one association draws from players within the community only, and the other draws from players from a much larger "zone", then those two associations would not be eligible for the same community discount program.
  • The population base of the geographic area covered by the associations must be less than 50,000 residents.
  • At least two different sports must be represented by the various associations. If two associations participate in the same sport, but with different genders, they will only count for one sport. However, if there is also another association on board representing another sport, then both genders of the same sport will qualify for the discount.
  • The website contact(s) of the associations who are already using MBSportsWeb must be available to share their experiences with their site upon request, in order to assist with the sales process.

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MBSportsWeb retains the right to alter or discontinue the community discount program at any time, for any reason.

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